Thursday, March 28, 2013

Check Out a Nook! Reading for Students in the Digital Age

The following is the Permission Form for Nook Check-Out

Irondale Middle School Library Media Center

Nook Color Permissions and Acceptable Use Form

The Barnes and Noble Nook Color is a convenient, portable reading device. It is the size of a paperback and capable of holding hundreds of books. The chance to use this device is a privilege that we are able to extend to students provided the students use extra caution and responsibility. Each Nook Color is valued at $199.00. For this reason we require a parental signature before a Nook Color can be checked out to a student.

Parent Responsibilities and Permission
I am authorizing the assignment of a Nook Color to my child. I understand that it is to be used as a tool for reading and learning and that my child will comply with the IMS Acceptable Use Policy. I will help ensure the safe and timely return of the Nook Color within the loan period of one week; I also understand that I am financially responsible for any willful, malicious, or accidental damage to the Nook Color as well as any charges resulting from content downloaded to the Nook Color. I understand that my child may lose future loan privileges of the device if the Nook Color is either damaged or not returned in a timely manner.

GUARDIAN NAME (printed): __________________________________________________
GUARDIAN SIGNATURE: _______________________________________DATE: _______
GUARDIAN EMAIL: __________________________________________________________
GUARDIAN PHONE #:________________________ALTERNATE #__________________
Student Responsibilities and Permission
I agree to take care of the Irondale Middle School Library Media Center Nook Color while it is in my possession. I will not throw, drop, or damage the Nook Color in any way. I will carry the Nook Color with caution, whether in my book bag or hands. I will NOT give the Nook Color to another student for his/her use. I will use the Nook Color in the appropriate manner. I will NOT download any content to the Nook Color. I agree to return the Nook Color in good condition at the conclusion of the one week loan period.
STUDENT NAME (printed): ____________________________________________________
STUDENT SIGNATURE:______________________________________DATE: ___________
Library Media Center Staff Only
Date Permission Slip Received: __________________________________________________

Library Media Center Staff Signature: ____________________________________________

This form adapted with permission from an original creation by school librarian Kathy Parker at

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