Friday, January 10, 2014

How has Technology Changed in the Library and Effected the Librarian"s Duties?

In the last eight years alone technology in the library has changed tremendously. I have heard librarians joke around that 50 years ago they had a class on how to use the overhead projector. Okay, that is probably inaccurate and I did not check the invention year of the overhead, but I will! I still have a few in a back room for when an LCD projector (the ceiling mounted ones) dies and a teacher is desperate for an image projector! But wait - there's a digital one now.

Here's a short list of what has changed at my school in eight years:

1. Digital Elmo Projectors that project, photograph and video have been added to 33 rooms
2. Promethean boards are in 30 rooms
3. Digital cameras have been purchased
4. 30 Nooks available for checkout
5. LCD projectors added to 33 classrooms and two labs
6. 1 I-Pad available for use in the library
7. Every teacher has a laptop in his/her classroom

That's an enormous amount of technology change now that I have listed it out! What it means for the librarian is a lot of troubleshooting, maintenance, charging, and assisting teachers with set-up and occasionally help with the function keys. All of this is done with student help that teachers and librarians couldn't live without. So, thank you to the students!

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