Monday, January 13, 2014

Library Management Tip - for Nooks

I am a librarian who dives right in and figures out what works as I'm doing the thing I'm doing - like organizing Nook readers.

When we first were given 30 Nooks in the library, we weren't given a charging cart or too many directives on how we could manage them. Ideas and pictures were being passed around e-mail though.

And I have to say that to some people e-Readers are still pretty new and all sorts of librarians are constantly writing about their content, how it works, what publisher is adding what and so on.

Technology moves so fast that even the developlers of e-Readers were changing them as they launched their latest product. I still have a Sony reader in a drawer that wasn't as user-friendly as I wanted it to be, so I haven't gotten good use out of it. I still want to go back to it, but I have to keep moving forward at the same time. But I digress!

Just today I figured out a new way to keep up with my library's Nooks! The permission forms to use them have been in a folder - which is helpful - but I keep having to get it out since the Nooks have become popular.

My new management tip is to have the Nooks in order from 1 - 30 and slip the permission form into the spot of the missing Nook.

By slipping the paper in, I don't go into panic mode thinking that one has been taken!

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