Thursday, January 9, 2014

Websites I Can't Live Without -

To all the librarians who are participating who are participating in the 20-day blog post challenge, I can't wait to see what you share!

I use lots of different websites like these listed below in order of least to most usage:

Technology for Teachers - Here's one that a lot of bloggers know about, but I just checked the site and must admit that I am kind of disappointed today. The guy who writes the blog is a teacher and listed Phrasal Stein as a good app to use.

I immediately went to the app on my i-Pad to download and there is only one review - which says to me that it really hasn't been used that much. The reviewer said, "it's a neat idea, but..." and I'll let you decide for yourself whether to use it or not.

The best thing about this website is that it gives you all the "hot technology" in one spot - especially if you are not a big techie. If you DO use technology a lot, you will have heard of the neat apps and websites listed here more often than not I have found.

Twitter - Lots of technology, teacher tips and parent tips come from Twitter. Just search for a hashtag and sort through what you find!

25 Best Technology Websites - The American Association of School Librarians website is THE best site for finding out about new technologies. That's where I found out about Edmodo before our district even became a user. There is technology here for every subject - and it's very cutting edge. Be the first to use it!

Google - Google is by far the best search engine to me and has the best apps on the web. I have tried Bing and Yahoo for general searches when I am not doing academic research and it's just not the same! Try it!

App-designing Challenge - Student Work
Makerspace Libraries - This is my fave website lately where I have been learning about turning libraries into makerspaces. Check it out or just do a Google search!

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