Monday, January 6, 2014

Tech Tip for Managing My Library Visitors

Here is a tech tip I found to be very helpful in the library. Students drop in and out of the library all day long. Sometimes teachers even wonder where their students are if they take too long to come back and forth. That's partially why it is important to have a way to track library visitors.

Our library is lucky to have an i-Pad which is full of useful apps for math, science, English and Social Studies. DuoLingo is also loaded on the i-Pad for students to try out foreign language games.

To keep track of students, I loaded the app "Sign Up". The idea is not original and there are many different apps for students to sign in with. Sign Up works for quick data for me. There's also Sign In Lite and Please Sign In. My main preference is "free"!

Here is what it looks like - very simple! It's easy for middle school kids and it works for keeping track of names of visitors.

It could work for PTO moms as well if they are looking for parents to sign up for various things at school!

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